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Creating a Promotional Calendar, Prepare for the Year Ahead

AUTHOR: Michael Nimura

Creating brand recognition and successful marketing campaigns can be difficult for small business owners that have yet to develop a loyal customer base. Some of the most important components in this endeavor consists of proper timing and strategic planning. In that regard, creating a promotional calendar in preparation of future events can help alleviate some of the pressure to maximize profitability.

Promotional calendars can be made in several different variations to fit the specific needs of your business:

  • Holiday promotion plan
  • Solo Mail Planning Calendar
  • Social media planning

Finding reasons to communicate with customers while also promoting your business will increase customer loyalty as well as satisfaction if done correctly. Promotions centered around major holidays gives your business the opportunity to advertise a fun or creative way. Also, a promotional calendar doesn't always have to be for the customers. It is just as important to plan for specific dates to give back to your very own employees such as free taco Tuesday at the beginning of every month or a gift exchange come the end of the fourth annual quarter.

Every day of the year holds opportunity for a business to promote themselves in a positive way. Promotional calendars allow you to plan ahead, make the proper preparations, and execute with a much smaller margin of error.

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