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Gain Attention and Market to the Younger Demographic – Gen Z for Your Small Business

AUTHOR: Sogol Sabbar

Listening to and understanding your business’ customers are key aspects of successful marketing. Once you understand who your target audience is, what their wants and needs are, it becomes a lot easier to create the right offer to gain their attention. As new generations within our society enter the workforce and have more discretionary income, small business owners need to adjust how they market to these generations, across the board, especially the newest one – Gen Z. The Gen Z consumer demographic is very different than all the other generations, even from the Millennial Generation. If you want to reach this new generation for your business, here are some recommendations from the Forbes Agency Council on what you can do to reach this younger crowd for your business.

1. Show Them How You Can Help Them

Gen Z can spot promotions and sponsorships from a mile away — they’re looking for value. The trick is to focus less on selling to them and more on how you can help them. For example, instead of an ad spot explaining product details, try a pop-up experience relevant to your brand. And, of course, make sure to have a social media strategy to support it and increase visibility. - Jessica Gonzalez, InCharged

2. Embrace Social Good

Gen Z cares more about how brands contribute to social good. They can see through if it is not authentic. Brands may need to develop more robust programs which help people, communities and/or the environment. This can offer employees volunteer opportunities where they act as brand ambassadors. Brands have a great opportunity to contribute to the greater good and reap the benefits, too. - Gina Michnowicz, Union+Webster

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