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7 Strategies to Grow Your Assisted Living Business

7 Strategies to Grow Your Assisted Living Business

Marketing for assisted living homes can be challenging. Unlike other businesses, you often have little control over how your facility is presented to the public because you must adhere to strict federal and state regulations.

If you’re running an assisted living community, there are several marketing efforts you can use to attract more residents and increase revenue.

In this post, we’ll outline seven simple strategies you can use to increase growth and visibility for your assisted living facility. So read on for tips for senior living marketing that will help you take your assisted living business to the next level!

How Can Marketing Boost Occupancy for Your Assisted Living Community?

If you want to make fast improvements in your occupancy rate and level of public interest in your senior living community, then both marketing and sales are essential.

Remember, you should not view marketing and sales initiatives as interchangeable or “one in the same” because they are different.

Marketing gets heads turning toward your community, while sales happen once potential residents are already inside of it - so ensure you focus on getting an initial lead.

Investing in digital marketing strategies, for example, can open the door to growing your facility at a faster rate and increase your sales. A senior care business loan can secure the financing to kickstart their marketing plan for small businesses.

Keep reading to find out how having robust sales and marketing teams can contribute to your business expansion.

7 Marketing Initiatives To Increase Interest In Your Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities looking to attract prospective residents should implement senior living marketing initiatives.

But where should you start? What types of marketing campaigns should you focus on?

Here are the top seven strategies you should consider to start your online marketing journey and gain new residents.

1. Create a Professional Website

Your website is the first impression your community makes to new prospects. You need an attractive, easy-to-navigate site that loads quickly and uses high-quality videos or images of available units.

Prospective residents should be able to see where they will be living before deciding which apartment complex fits them best. Maintaining this throughout all aspects helps create a better initial consumer experience.

Ensure your target audience includes the adult children of your potential residents since many family members would also take part in booking their loved ones’ place. It’s best to provide people with direct and transparent information about your facility, including location, address, amenities, and price.

2. Experiment with Different Marketing Initiatives and Track Your ROI

Marketing is not one size fits all. The best way to reach your audience will depend on the needs of that specific group you are targeting - whether it’s seniors or families looking for housing.

You can find printed ads work better than digital campaigns since many seniors might not have access to digital tools.

A retirement community can try virtual “gamification” to offer points alongside rewards if a person participates in a survey or raffle. This way, they can enhance user engagement and increase their chances of resident enrolment into their senior living communities.

Experiment with different marketing tactics but be sure to track their effectiveness to determine which ones work best for your business.

3. Check What’s Being Said About Your Community Online

Nowadays, people share their opinions easily on digital platforms. That’s why it’s important to check Google reviews or social media comments continuously during the first phase of your assisted living marketing strategy.

If you happen to stumble upon positive reviews, you can respond with a “thank you” and gather all the reviews and share them on social media to gain more exposure.

Your sales team should also make it clear they care about customer satisfaction, even if something goes wrong on their end. Sometimes just one person taking responsibility can go a long way in making people feel comfortable enough at your place as well as deterring future problems before they happen.

4. Optimize SEO to Stay Visible on Web Searches

SEO is an essential part of your marketing strategy. You can utilize search engine optimization (SEO) to get your website higher on the list when people do searches through Google, which gives you more visibility for potential customers.

Search engines like Google and Bing give sites ranking Credits (SEO) for their content. So ensure to create a robust content strategy through posting valuable and educational content related to senior care.

To get Google’s attention, ensure your content is up-to-date and relevant on your site. You can post virtual tours of your facility and write educational information about the benefits of living in a senior community.

5. Use Current Residents to Improve Referrals

Wouldn’t it be great if your residents were brand ambassadors? They could help spread the word about how much they love living in this community. You may already have some seniors who are willing and able to become “brand ambassadors.”

You can create a resident referral program and use resident referrals as an opportunity not only to promote and highlight all that is wonderful about living in your community.

Additionally, consider reaching out through video testimonials or social media posts- people appreciate hearing honest opinions that can assist them in making better decisions concerning senior living communities.

6. Listen to Potential Residents’ Needs

Before going on a tour, sales staff need to get familiar with the residents in their community and learn about any needs or concerns. For example, if someone has never left home before, they might not like being shown around an active area such as one filled with lots of things happening, which would make them feel overwhelmed.

First impressions are crucial when meeting new clients/residents. Take time beforehand to build rapport; it will make all future interactions more authentic because there’s an established level of trust already present.

7. Use CRM System to Track Customer Interaction

The most effective way to measure the success of your marketing and sales initiatives is by tracking every interaction with leads. Whether they come in person, via email, or phone call, make sure that you follow all interactions.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the backbone of any successful company. Without it, your marketing and sales initiatives will be ineffective at best. You need to track every interaction with a potential lead so information can go into follow-up personalization for each client or prospect.

Channels to track user interactions and analyze results include:

  • Face time over the phone
  • Text message campaigns
  • Emails sent through an inbox/email system such as G Suite.
  • Web forms submitted online by visitors who land on specific pages.

The more information your sales team has about their prospects, the better able they will follow up with them personally. Ensure that all marketing initiative results seamlessly link back to CRM. It’s best to set up an automatic feed from each campaign or promotion, so it automatically adds new leads right away without any manual intervention.

Improve Your Marketing and Sales Strategies Today!

Suppose you have been considering joining the ranks of senior care facilities willing to expand. In that case, we encourage you to take advantage of these seven strategies to help your new business grow from small beginnings into something much more significant.

Whether you want to open up a brand new establishment or improve upon what you already have going on, these tips can provide valuable insights as well as expert guidance if needed. We can help finance your assisted living facility to grow your business in no time!

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