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How to Maximize Productivity in a Multi-Generational Workforce for Your Small Business

AUTHOR: Sogol Sabbar

Managing your employees in a multi-generational workforce has become a greater challenge these days. With the increase of people pursuing careers after retirement age, it’s no surprise to see some organizations having to manage employees from five different generations all at once. At Select Funding, we’ve learned that we can’t simply train, motivate and encourage all our employees in the same way because each employee learns and responds differently based on a number of factors, including the generation they come from. So, how do business owners get all these generations to work well together to meet business needs? We’ve found that the solution to this challenge is quite simple. Here are just a few strategies from the Wall Street Journal that we’ve seen to be successful that you can implement too.

Provide manager training on generational differences
Sending your mangers to one or two classes to learn about the different traits among each generation will help them become better communicators.

Facilitate cross training

Encourage your employees to cross train each other. Younger employees can learn a thing or two from the experiences that older employees bring. And older employees can benefit from the fresh perspective offered by younger employees.

Offer different working environments

Give your employees the option of telecommuting or working offsite, as long as the work is getting done to your expectations. Millennials and Gen Z will appreciate this option as it allows them flexibility. This could also encourage Baby Boomers to stay with your company for
longer and delay their retirement.

Facilitate an open-door policy

Millennials work better in collaborative environments. Allow them the opportunity to contribute more often when it comes to decision-making. When your employees feel they have a voice it will motivate them to be more proactive and willing to contribute often. 

For the full list of productivity strategies read the original article from the
Wall Street Journal – How to Manage Different Generations

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