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How HVAC Business Can Implement Online Marketing?

How an HVAC Business Can Implement Online Marketing?

Looking at current trends, it seems remote work has become the new normal. By 2025, it’s estimated that a staggering 70% of the workforce will be working at least five days a week remotely. That means more people are spending time at their homes. For HVAC companies, it’s a perfect opportunity to start developing an HVAC marketing strategy to target these potential customers.

In today’s digital age the majority of consumers search for products or services online. As an HVAC company, your marketing plan needs to target homeowners beginning from the moment they start searching on Google to turn them into lifetime customers.

With so many small business owners competing in the digital arena, it might feel tough to build an online presence at first. But if you start following and implementing these tips and tricks in this guide, you’ll soon be able to increase your HVAC leads and generate more sales while reducing marketing costs.

Keep reading to discover why online marketing is essential for HVAC businesses and how you can advertise your business using a comprehensive HVAC marketing plan.

Why Marketing is Important to an HVAC Business?

Before the digital age, businesses used yellow pages to gain their presence in the market. But now, if you don’t have a website with relevant contact information, email, and address, you will lose a huge opportunity to attract and retain customers.

And with the boom of social media, the first thing customers ask now is whether you have a Facebook page. Word-of-mouth marketing has shifted into the online world, where company news spreads like wildfire through photos, tags, comments, mentions, and shares.

Businesses in residential areas that once faced difficulties gaining customers are now increasing their sales through digital marketing.

Continue reading to find out how many small businesses are escaping the dark and achieving success using several HVAC marketing strategies.

How to Advertise your HVAC Business Online

When you started your business, trying and experimenting with different marketing strategies probably wasn’t on your daily schedule. But if you want your business to grow further, you need to start learning more about HVAC online marketing strategies.

Likely, you’ve already done some marketing in the past, like sending quotes and sharing business cards. All you have to do now is refine your approach and add a few more tactics to your toolkit that will expand your business.

Here are five helpful HVAC marketing ideas to get you started:

  1. Build a Website for your HVAC Marketing Strategy

  2. Understand How to Use SEO in HVAC Advertising

  3. Create a Facebook Business Page

  4. Experiment with Social Media Ads

  5. Reach Clients with HVAC Email Marketing

1. Build a Website for your HVAC Marketing Strategy

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to create a website. Purchasing a hosting domain such as GoDaddy, Squarespace, can help you craft your first site.

WordPress and Wix are other options to use for site development.

Alternatively, you can hire a web developer to take care of site creation and development, but bear in mind that it can be expensive to hire a professional site builder. If you spend a few hours from your week building your HVAC website, you won’t even need a web developer, at least during the first phase of your site creation.

Whatever you do, ensure to embed a work request form on your landing page to help you collect leads and allow customers to request an HVAC service from you.

Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

Remember that your HVAC website is an essential tool for getting noticed by search engines.

Many people prefer browsing the internet through their mobile devices. And if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then they’ll exit the site instantly and book with a competitor HVAC company.

Test if your website is mobile-friendly by opening it on your phone and seeing if you can navigate easily.

Make it Easy for Clients to Contact Your HVAC Website

Traditional advertising incorporates one-way communication. TV ads or print media in newspapers post your business name and information. You then wait and hope that your HVAC clients will see your ad and visit your business.

With a website, you can create a two-way communication system through a new customer service strategy. Your customers can find you and contact you quickly and share your information with friends and family.

Remember to include your business hours and service area to catch people’s attention on Google search results.

2. Understand How to Use SEO in HVAC Advertising

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website so that it’s found on search engines such as Google by clients searching for HVAC companies.

After building your website, it’s time to ensure search engines like Google notice your existence.

Update Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

The page title is the clickable headline that you see on the search results page. It’s crucial for SEO because it helps search engines analyze your site’s information.

For an HVAC company, you might decide to use your service area, like “furnace and air conditioning repair in California”, or “HVAC heating and cooling products”. Put your keywords first and don’t use too many. And think about what questions they’re looking to get answered and how your business can provide solutions.

The meta description is the short description below the page title on the search engine results page. A strong and short description that includes your top services and location will encourage searchers to click on your website. For example, if you offer HVAC contractors, you can mention this in your meta description. You can also add a call to action like “call now” or “book your appointment” to get noticed by more customers.

Create a Google Business Page

Having a Google My Business page makes it easier to gain clicks to your site.

When a customer makes a query in a local area, for instance, your business can be one of the top results. That’s why optimizing your local SEO is crucial to generating leads through organic search results.

Log into your account frequently to ensure all information is up to date and add professional photos of your office or truck.

3. Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a free and easy tool to boost your social media presence and market your HVAC services.

You get to stay in touch with your customers and get more personal by revealing your brand’s mission through photos and videos.

It’s best to include a work request link i.e. “Book Now” tab right on your profile in the link in your bio, or directly in your profile so that customers can reach out to you quicker.

4. Experiment with Social Media and PPC Ads

Social media ads can be an affordable digital marketing channel for your HVAC business.

With targeted ads, for example, you can display ads for your services in your customer’s social feed based on their likes, interests, location, and groups.

Through social media marketing, you can create a marketing campaign targeting only specific people like homeowners, so you don’t waste any of your advertising budgets. Targeted social media ads also help you get your local company to build brand awareness, for less money.

Social media platforms like Facebook have an inexpensive option where you can set your own HVAC marketing budget, monitor outcomes, and modify your HVAC advertising strategy according to your goals.

You can also use Google Ads to display pay-per-click (PPC) ads to people who search for “HVAC contractor California”, for example, and try to get them to your website.

Remember that PPC ads are more expensive than social media ads. Unless you have a large budget set for Google ads, starting with social media is a better choice.

5. Reach Clients with HVAC Email Marketing

There are several HVAC marketing ideas you can incorporate in your emails:

New Service Campaigns

One of the best HVAC marketing emails you can send your client list is about a new service offering. You can announce a new air conditioner you’re providing, or remind clients about a certain deal or discount on HVAC services.

Here’s an example:

Hi there [Insert first name]!

For the last 3 years, we’re very proud of our heating services that have been keeping our community warm and cozy in the winter.

We just wanted to inform you that due to growing demand, we now also offer:

- Carbon monoxide alarm installations to improve your indoor air quality.

To learn more, simply click on this link to our website.

[Your preferred signoff]

Re-engagement Campaigns

You can boost your marketing efforts by sending customers package deals.

You can also send a reminder to those who have booked a one-off service with you in the last five months or offer them a discount if they schedule appointments again.

Content Campaigns to Build your Brand

If you notice clients often ask about how to maintain their furnaces in the winter months, why not write a blog about helping them winterize their homes.

If you send your clients useful and interesting information, you’ll be adding value to your services that would keep both existing clients and new customers fully engaged.

Start Your Online Marketing Journey Now

In today’s digital world, it is imperative for an HVAC business to have a strong online presence. We have provided you with some ideas to help get your company going in the right direction for this aspect of marketing.

HVAC businesses can implement online marketing in a variety of ways. Whether you want to start your marketing journey by creating an email list, experimenting with PPC ads, or creating a social media account, the choice is yours. But the important thing is to get started today!

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