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Learn to Speak Instagram and Grow Your Customer Base

AUTHOR: Micheal Nimura

Over the course of the last decade, social media has continued to popularize and grow in influence all across the world. Specifically, social media giant, Instagram, has become one of the biggest mainstream marketing alternatives within the context of social media platforms.

But how valuable has marketing through social media platforms become? Why is it so popular? The answer to these questions is much simpler than you may think.

With the launch of business account profiles about two years ago, more than 25 million users have opted in for the free features that let you add contact and location details, see additional analytics, and purchase ads. As a result of this, 60% of its 800 million users are exposed to new products and services on a daily basis.

In other good news, marketing your small business’s products through Instagram is not only affordable, but easy as well. Anita Berisha, a 27-year-old Tictail vendor sells jewelry and markets her products through Instagram. She feels that the ability to post both images as well as video representations of her products being fashioned helps consumers to understand her products and attract them toward further engagement. She states how little time and money goes into marketing her jewelry and how simple it is as well.

Some small businesses may worry that such a setting as Instagram, may come across as unprofessional or immature and drive consumers away. This, however, is not a problem as the majority of young Instagram users find such off-the-cuff marketing as more intimate.

What kind of accounts attract the most followers and viewership? The answer is that while static studio shots may look pretty they can sometimes come across as boring and sterile. Videos are far more interactive than a photo and truly allow small businesses to relate their company culture to their consumers in a much more intimate way.

So why is Instagram so popular? Why is marketing through social media so valuable? Simply put, people appreciate and gravitate more towards people than a picture or statement. Seeing the people behind the brand, and the culture of the business expressed in an intimate and creative way are aspects of Instagram that make is such a successful marketing tool. As such, small businesses ought to opt towards giving Instagram a shot, there's really no reason not to.

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