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Select Funding Gives Back

AUTHOR: Sogol Sabbar

Select Funding believes that every person deserves an opportunity at a better life. We've expanded our efforts in serving the community by Giving Back in 2017 and partnered with Klaus Price of Elite B. Inc. to donate new toys and shoes, as well as essentials such as diapers, shampoos and much more to families living at the RAIN Transitional Living Center in Camarillo, CA.

RAIN has been serving the community of Ventura County for over 20 years, helping families and individuals transition from homelessness to permanent housing. According to a survey done in 2003 by Ventura County Homeless and Housing Coalition (VCHHC), the majority of homeless people in the County are women and children and more people are remaining homeless for longer periods of time – 2 or more years – a 9% rise since 2002. RAIN’s mission is to “offer homeless families and individuals a future of independence and security." When we first heard about this organization we were impressed by all of the success stories from the center. It makes sense for us to become involved because we not only believe in helping businesses grow we also want help people in our community. We are proud to be a part of RAIN’s efforts and we will continue to share their passion and goodwill year after year with our Select Funding Gives Back efforts.

You can learn more about RAIN by visiting their website:

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