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Why Your Business’ Website Should Be Created Using Responsive Design

AUTHOR: Michael Nimura

In today's society, the internet is a tool that now goes hand in hand with running a successful business. Creating and developing a proper website in order to market your business to your consumer clientele is one of the best uses of such a tool. However, innovation has allowed users access to the internet on all sorts of different platforms. So how should business owners react to such a change? What specific platforms should business owners be conscientious of? The answer lies simply in responsive web design. This means that because people are now searching the internet using their smartphones or tablets rather than a full desktop screen, the website display that is being viewed needs to be adjusted accordingly so that the viewer sees the contents of your website more clearly. If your website is not built responsively read the information below and start learning about why you should implement this design on your business’ website as soon as possible.

Responsive Web Design & How it Works

As opposed to a fixed web design meant for desktop usage only, responsive web design calls for the use of grids with its page elements sized by proportion rather than pixels. For example, say you have a page on your site with 3 columns describing your business as well as contact info. Each column needs to be measured in relation to the other two columns. Column 1 could be half the page, then column 2 could be 30% while the last column takes up only 20%.

Why Small Businesses Need Responsive Web Design

77% of Americans own smartphones in 2018 (35% increase since 2011). Currently, an incredibly large portion of website traffic will come from mobile devices rather than a Desktop PC due to convenience of use.

Websites without Responsive Web Design

Mouse v touch: As users who visit your website via mobile device will be using their finger to navigate rather than a mouse, a website that does not take this into account will leave its customers frustrated and annoyed as they continue to scroll across their tiny screen and “fat finger” every link they touch.

Graphic & Download Speed: As many websites pandered to desktop sized screens are littered with advertising and pictures to enhance user experience, if being viewed on a smartphone, the user may feel the opposite of what was intended. This is due to the fact that smartphones often cannot function at the same speed as a full-sized PC and will henceforth have trouble processing everything the site has to offer.

    Creating an App, What to Keep in Mind

    Although creating an app for your website may allow users the option to visit your website on a platform specifically meant to pander towards mobile devices, there are some difficulties with this option. Think about it this way, there are several different mobile ecosystems, so creating an app for every device and operating platform can be very time consuming and tedious.

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