Partner with Select Funding to have access to a platform specifically designed to help ISOs earn higher commissions and fund more deals.

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Select Funding is a direct lender offering business funding solutions up to $250,000 for your clients. Our dedicated ISO program is specifically designed to help you grow your client base while earning top commissions in the industry. Your business success as an ISO is our top priority.

Fast Turnaround Times

As industry veterans, we understand that speed is extremely important to ISOs. That's why we are committed to providing approvals in less than 24-hours.

High Commissions

We offer a "best in class" 20-point upsell on most approvals, and renewals will always payout on 100% of the gross funding amount.

Upfront Underwriting

Every application we receive is underwritten upfront. This means you can sell your approvals with confidence knowing there will be far less repricing or declines later in the process.

Flexible Options - No Prepayment Penalty

We give you the tools and options you need to win more deals - including an industry leading no-penalty early payoff program.

Dedicated Support Team

Our ISO support team will do all the heavy lifting, leaving you to focus on closing deals. Your dedicated ISO relationship manager will work closely with you to ensure your deals receive immediate attention and quick turnarounds.

A Partner You Can Trust

We understand that trust is essential when working with a funder, so we carefully vet all employees and audit our team and security frequently. We will never backdoor your deals. We are looking to partner with ethical brokers who share our values and dedication to honesty and integrity.

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